Munro Watercolors - Bio


'Munro' shown with his cat 'Twinkle' circa 1992
Donald Munro Smith was my father. I have created this website both as a tribute to him and his work and to provide a vivid memory for all his family and friends that have enjoyed his paintings over the years. The primary intent of this site is to continue to share his work.

He was a gentle soul who loved to paint. While he was largely self taught, in his later years he studied under Fritz Briggs, AWS and later became a member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society in 1991 and hence the "BWS" on many of his paintings. He was also a member of the Fells Point Art Gallery.

While our family has retained many of his paintings, an even larger number were sold between the years 1975-2002. For many of those shown here, the only record we have are old photographs.

If you have a 'Munro' painting that is not shown here and would like to have it included in the site, please send me an email at
-Kevin M. Smith

P.S. While I am not yet offering any paintings for sale, I would be happy to make small prints. If you are interested in a print, please email me at the address listed above.